About EduSeva
EduSeva is a social enterprise with a vision of empowering education through technology. EduSeva has been co-founded by a team of Amrita University alumni with professional and research experience at GSSI Italy, Amrita E-Learning Research Labs, TCS Innovation Labs, SAP R&D Labs and Cognizant.

EduSeva's area of focus is along: 1. providing a wide range of IT solutions for educational institutions and 2.catering to learning and development needs of educational institutions and organizations through uniquely designed workshops. EduSeva operates out of Coimbatore, India.


Our vision is to enable ourselves and others around us with inner and outer prosperity clearly based on the principles of Bharathiya Parampara.


To offer high quality, cost effective technology empowered solutions for education to bring about transformation at the grassroots level.


Venkatapathy S Iyer


With a PhD from Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy, Venkat is a great science communication enthusiast and an all-round intellect. He is the CTO of EduSeva Technologies, a social enterprise to enhance the quality of education.He priorly worked with Amrita E-Learning Research Labs and Cognizant. He loves interacting with the youth and is passionate about enhacing the tech skills and employability of rural youth.

Sooryanarayan D G

Co-founder & CEO

Recipient of the Gold Medal and Joshna Memorial Award 2015 for his Masters at Amrita University, Soorya is the CEO of EduSeva. He priorly worked with Amrita E-Learning Research Labs and Tata Consultancy Services - CTO Group.

Shyam K


Shyam is tremendously passionate about Indic studies, educational policy and public debate. He is currently a Fellow at Vision India Foundation. He priorly worked with SAP R&D Labs

Balasubramaniam A

Chief Software Architect

Bala is a technology enthusiast and a dexterous software architect. He actively experiments with technology's edge. His skills in creating user experience is highly valued by our clients. He is also great at client relations and understanding unsaid needs. He priorly worked with Cognizant

Prajna Cauvery

Head - Learning & Development Division

Prajna Cauvery is the Head of Learning and Development Division. She actively researches and develops teaching solutions for concepts that require complex cognitive load. Cauvery is also the Co-Lead of the Anaadi Sustainability Awareness for the Young (ASAY), an UN initiated SDG Partners Program.

Mithun Chakravarthy

Head- Design and Fabrication

Mithun Anaadi: With strong background and experience in design/ fabrication, Mithun Chakravarthy researches and develops content for 3D designing in ATAL tinkering labs. He uses different modules to teach so as to create interest in students about product designing and engineering behind it.

We are huge advocates of STEM and CS education. Our Problem Solving with CS, Joy of Learning and Joy of Teaching workshops have multi-dimensional impact on participants.


Shri. V. Adinarayanan: Adinarayanan is the co-founder of the not-for-profit Anaadi Foundation. He has an MS in Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University, USA. He has a rich experience teaching Information Technology and Cultural Education for 10 years at Amrita University. Through Anaadi Foundation, he currently offers programs on the themes of "Life, Leadership and Success" combining insights from Yogic Sciences, Mahabharata and Cognitive Sciences. Through EduSeva Technologies, Adinarayanan offers Joy of Learning, Joy of Teaching and Technology workshops to various educational institutions.

Smt. V. Smrithi Rekha: Smrithi Rekha is currently a research faculty at Center for Research in Advanced Technologies for Education (CREATE Labs), Amrita University. She has an MS in Information Systems from State University of New York, Buffalo, USA and Amrita University. She is a visiting faculty to the University of L’Aquila Italy. Her current area of research involves Cognitive Science approaches to improving the teaching and learning process. She is also the co-founder of Anaadi Foundation and the initiator of Bala Kathaalaya, a story telling and book reading space for children.

About Logo

The mark for EduSeva adapts the simple and profound Tamil letter "E". On one dimension, the mark communicates simply "E" for EduSeva. In the Indian tradition, be it a learner, scholar or master, the Great Ones always were depicted in a Sukhasana or Padmasana posture. Also in the Indian tradition "Chitagni" is the fire of chita that burns to receive, digest and integrate knowledge within oneself. As an ode to such profound tradition, EduSeva bears this logo mark - "the ignited learner". Also with deep vision, our tagline echoes "World-class Education. Let's make it happen".